John Legend & Chrissy Teigen are Expecting!!!

Wow! Two years after getting married, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are expecting!!! This is AMAZING news as it comes after Chrissy opened up about fertility issues on her new show with Tyra Banks, The Fab Life

I feel like it was SUCH a big deal for her to come out and say this. It made a lot of people feel like they could talk about their own fertility issues or even just speak up and say: "hey, stop asking me 'WHEN' I'm going to have a baby!!!" Ugh...I really hate the pressure that comes with that question and I am not going through fertility treatments or even trying. It's just so personal! 

I have a few friends who are going through fertility issues right now too. I'm not a doctor but my advice to them, and maybe to you is: just keep the faith. I think I always thought I would have kids by now myself, but I am SO far away from that. Life is really weird and it takes all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. We think we're in control, but we're not. It's all going to happen when it happens, we don't always get to say when...