O-M-G!!! This Photo of Celine Dion's Son Will Make You Feel O-L-D

I don't even know what to say about this right now...

As a fan and a Canadian I have watched Celine Dion's kids grow up over the years. I remember when all of them were born. She has three boys - young twins Eddy and Nelson and a 15 year old named René Charles. Whenever I think of little René this is how I imagine him: 

As far as I am concerned he has looked that way for the past 15 years. Right?

Um, yeah I am SO wrong about that!!! He posted this pic of him and his Mom to his Instagram last night: 

WHAT THE?!?!?! 

Three things that are absolutely crazy about this: 

1. He has Instagram (CLICK HERE)
2. He totally has a mustache
3. I've realized that NOTHING will make you feel older than seeing a celebrity's kid all grown up.

Oh, and by the way - Madonna's daughter Lourdes turned 19 this week. 

Yep, you're not alone. I officially feel like a dinosaur too.