This Woman Dressed Like Kylie Jenner for One Week

A writer for named Brooke Shunatona spent an entire week dressed like Kylie Jenner. So for seven days she made sure her hair, nails and outfit were photoshoot ready. She also worked hard on getting the perfect selfie or shot of how she looked for Instagram. By Day 5 she was exhausted:
It might sound like an easy job, but devoting a huge chunk of time and thought every day to your makeup, hair, and outfit, plus to taking the perfect photo, all while maintaining a full-time job, is not easy. Many times in my life, I’ve watched a celebrity on reality TV and said to myself, It seriously can’t be that hard. Get over yourself. But there is something very emotionally draining about investing so much energy in the way you look and deliberately putting yourself out there for people to judge. I’m not even remotely a celebrity and the experience was really weighing on my self-esteem. Because I’d put so much thought into my appearance, I cared that much more about what others would think of the way I looked, and that is something I never usually do. I wondered if this is how Kylie feels on a regular basis, except times a million because there’s so much pressure for women in entertainment to look good.

Although I would rather lay in bed a bit longer than get up early and glam myself up like this everyday, I would still apply for her job. Not sure I could handle the pressure but I could handle the money...

Would you try it?