Angelina Jolie Can't Wait Until She Turns 50

I am in no rush to get older, but I totally see where Angelia Jolie is going with this! She's in next month's issue of Vogue and says she can't wait to turn the big 5-0. 

After learning that she carried the BRCA1 gene that increases the risk of cancer, Ange underwent two preventative surgeries - a double mastectomy and the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Now at 40, she looks to the future with optimism and sees it as an accomplishment: 

I feel grounded as a woman. I know others do too. Both of the women in my family, my mother and my grandmother started dying in their 40s. I’m 40. I can’t wait to hit 50 and know I made it.

She lost both her Mother and Grandmother to long battles with ovarian cancer. 

I applaud Ange for doing everything she can to make sure she lives a long and happy life with her family. Now, I know that there have been mixed emotions about her medical procedures. Some may agree with me and some argue that this is only a good choice for someone like her because she has more medical care than us 'normal' women. Regardless, who wouldn't do everything they could do to be around for a really, really long time with these guys?

And next time I go to yank out one of my grey hairs, I'll remind myself that it's a blessing to even have them!