Terry Crews And His Wife Went On A 90 Day Sex Fast

Anytime I ever think about Terry Crews, I think about this moment in 'White Chicks': 

I also think about his hilarious 'Old Spice' commericals! 

But that has all changed...

Today I read an interview with him where he said that he and his wife decided to go on a '90-day sex fast'. Yep! They chose NOT to have sex for a whole 90 days. Here's what he said happened: 

90 days – no sex, all relationship, all talk, all cuddle. I found that at the end of that 90 days…I knew who she was, and it wasn’t about ‘Let’s go out because I know I’m gonna get some sex later.’ It was like, ‘Let’s go because I want to talk to you. I want to know you’.

Awww! Now we will forever think of him as the sweetest husband ever!!! 

Could you do it?