Ashley Judd Speaks Out About Being Sexually Harassed By a Studio Executive

A HUGE bravo to Ashley Judd for this one! 

In Variety's Power of Women issue this month, she shared a personal story that she’s never publicly revealed before. Back when she was filming “Kiss the Girls” she was sexually harassed by a mogul from a rival studio, who kept summoning her to his hotel room under the pretense of talking about roles in his movies. Ugh. She says:
He was very stealth and expert about it. He groomed me, which is a technical term — ‘Oh, come meet at the hotel for something to eat.’ Fine, I show up. ‘Oh, he’s actually in his room.’ I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? I just worked all night. I’m just going to order cereal.’ It went on in these stages.

Eventually, after a process of what Judd considered “bargaining,” the man asked her to watch him take a shower, to which she responded, “When I win an Academy Award in one of your movies.” She later found out that the same man had said and done the same things to a group of other women. 

Ashley describes what happened as “disgusting,” saying that even though she considered herself an empowered feminist, she “did not recognize at the time what was happening to me. It took years before I could evaluate the incident and realize there was something incredibly wrong and illegal about it.” 

Years later, she ran into him at the premiere of her movie "Double Jeopardy." She says: 

I was no longer that naïve ingénue who couldn’t identify what was happening as it was happening. I was getting ready to nail him on it, and he said, ‘I think I’ll let you out of that deal we made.’ He knew I would come into my power.
KNOW your power and don't let anyone take that away from you. I love it when celebrities share stories like this with us. If they can share their pain and experience with the whole world, we can be brave and do it too. Find someone you trust to talk to or BE that person that someone trusts and can go to. You're not alone.
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