Justin Bieber Taking Legal Action Over Nude Photos

Did you see the nude photos of Justin Bieber vacationing in Bora Bora? If you took just a tiny peek because you thought it was harmless you were wrong (and so was I!) 

His legal team is threatening to sue The New York Daily News for publishing them and they've also sent them a cease and desist letter. They're demanding the immediate removal of the photos from its website, in addition to compliance within 12 hours of receipt. 

When I first saw these pictures I screencapped them and sent them to my boyfriend (weird, I know) and he was not impressed with me for sending them. Not because it was naked Biebs BUT because 'he's on vacation!' It immediately hit me. Geez...this is really invasive and creepy! And if he was a woman, the reaction from me and everyone would be totally different! 

His team agrees. They state that the publication of the photos represents a violation of his publicity and privacy rights. The photos also infringe on Bieber's trademarks.