Facebook is Giving Us What We Want - Like, Love & Reaction Button's!

It has been confirmed by Facebook that they will unveil a new 'Reactions' feature!!! Woo!!!

Since the 'LIKE' button doesn't always show how we really feel they're giving us more options to express ourselves. We'll get 'LIKE', 'LOVE', 'HAHA', 'YAY', 'WOW', 'SAD' and 'ANGRY'. So far, it looks like we won't be getting a 'DISLIKE' button. These 'Reactions' are currently being tested out in Ireland and Spain and depending on how things go, this could roll out to the rest of the billion or so Facebook users soon. 

I can't wait. It's about time we have a better reaction to our friends awkward statuses. You can't hit like on all of them...

Are you excited?