Barbie Put A Boy In An Ad For The First Time Ever

Real talk - boys play with Barbies. Growing up one of my best friends who was a boy was the best to play them with. He had an even more creative imagination than I did, and when we played dolls together they always went on the BEST adventures. My brothers played with my Barbies (when I let them) and my little cousin asked Santa Claus to bring him one a couple years ago. 

All of these boys who played Barbies, were made fun of for it. I guess because for 56 years these dolls have only been marketed towards for girls. Until now! 

Moschino Barbie has put a little boy in their AD's and as he says, it's 'so fierce!'

The $180 doll has already sold out to girls and boys whose parents are crazy enough to spend that kind of money on toys. Lucky brats!