Model Loses Instagram Followers After Posting Realistic Photos

A model name Stina Sanders decided to spend a week posting untouched, realistic photos of herself on Instagram. She shared photos of things like, bleaching her facial hair in the shower, her feet with toe nails falling off (due to running), and selfies before a colonic irrigation. She got, real, real! 

It turns out that the response to these photos, was not good. Stina claims that she lost THOUSANDS of followers. 

During the experiment I lost 3,000 followers and come the end, I had lost 5,000. I was shocked because I actually thought it would be the likes that would dramatically reduce and not the followers.

Ahhhh well! NBD for Stina, who has 93K followers. But the experiement seems to have prooved that Instagram followers don't want a dose of reality, they want filters!

Do you agree?