Men Have 3 Big Fears That They Want Women To Know About

Rainn Wilson from 'The Office' (this guy ⬆️) has a new video series called, 'That's What He Said' where he shares a male perspective. Recently he did a video about fears men have and want women to know about. This is what you should know:  

Some guys are afraid to make the first move. Why? They want to respect your boundaries. 

Women will tell you that you shouldn’t ask them to kiss them. They said they just want you to kiss them, but in this day and age, that can be a violation.

Why do some men lose interest once you're interested? It could be low self-esteem. 

People don’t want what they can have. For me that reflects on a sense of how people feel about themselves. If I can be comfortable with wanting to be with a woman who actually fully wants me, then obviously I feel comfortable about myself. But if I want someone who doesn’t want me and I want to chase that, it’s because I’m going, If I can get the thing that doesn’t want me, I now have value cause I’ve conquested and got that thing that was saying ‘I’m better than you.

Yes, some men do sleep around for the constant ego boost. 

As I’ve gotten older and I’ve worked out deep within me what actually gives me a sense of pride, that far outweighs that fleeting thrill of sexual promiscuity.

Do you agree?