The BIGGEST Moments of 2015

They say that to truly move forward in your life, you can't look back. So once 2016 gets here, we won't! Before that happens let's take a minute to flashback to everything that happened this year - the good, the bad and the interesting...

The World Thought Kanye West Discovered Paul McCartney

Kanye West put out the song '4,5 Seconds' featuring Rihanna and Paul McCartney and the Twitterverse went bananas: 

Kanye has a great ear for talent. This Paul McCartney guy gonna be huge”
”Who is Paul McCartney? He boutta blow up thanks to Kanye!!!”
”This is why i love Kanye for shining light on unknown artists.

Just in case you're still lost on that one, SIR Paul McCartney is a LEGEND and one part of the greatest band of all time, The Beatles

The Crying/Laughing Emoji Was Added to the Dictionary and We Got a Taco Emoji

In this day in age you can't communicate/text without an emoji so it makes sense that it was one of this years adds to the Oxford Dictionary. And the taco emoji add just makes everything right in this world. 

We Fell in Love with Chrissy Teigen

From making that 'ugly' cry face during an emotional moment watching her husband John Legend accept an award, standing up to body shamers and talking about tough issues like fertility on TV - she's kept it 100%. She speaks up, makes us L-O-L and has her own exciting career. She might even be the modern day 'I Love Lucy', Lucille Ball to John's Ricky Ricardo. Right?! She's our celebrity BFF. 

We Got Confused By 'The Dress'

After this optical phenomenon went viral we all asked - is it blue and black or gold and white? Well, which one is it?! We still don't really know. Argh!!!

Bruce Became Caitlyn

Olympian Bruce Jenner shared his journey with this world as he went from Bruce to Caitlyn. He opened our eyes to the transgender world and identity as she learned to navigate it herself. This moment is up there as one of the bravest of '15! 

Jaden Smith Went to Prom as Batman

I can't actually speak on this because if I did, it would only be fair to post my own prom photos. We're not going there. 

Rihanna Punked Us Off With Her Album Release Date (But We Still Love Her)

In January the word was that Riri was putting the final touches on her new album. That was a rumour that we ALL believed. Since then we've heard 'BBHMM', had a sneak peek at her album art and video diary teasers. But no album, yet! 

A Princess Was Born

We welcomed Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to a world where NO younger brother can come along and steal the throne from her. I don't know much about the monarchy other than what I see on TV - but I understand that now females have an equal chance at the throne, where back in the day she'd be pushed out of the way by a younger bro. Yaaaaa girl!

Kanye West Apologized

...and Taylor Swift forgave him for his stage crashing "Imma let you finish but-" incident at the MTV Video Awards back in 2009. He's publicly said he was sorry, sent her flowers and has been seen meeting up with her for lunch.  

The 6ix Ranked the Best City to Live In (in the WHOLE world!)

I'm sure Drake has helped us out a lot with this one but, this decision was actually made based on a report done by The Economist. With our city's safety, livability and cost of living all considered - we won the top spot 🏆

We Met Rachel Dolezal

The president of the Washington chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) and outspoken civil rights activist in her community was caught pretending to be a black woman when she was really white. She told the world she was 'transracial' and we thought about it for a minute...

Jen and Ben Split Up

After ten years of marriage and three kids, Hollywood's seemingly most stable couple split! Jennifer Garner is said to have ended things after discovering Ben Affleck was cheating on her with their nanny. 

Lenny Kravitz Rocked Out with His C**k Out

He seriously rocked it so hard, his pants ripped and photos of his 'you-know-what' were everywhere. They're harder to find today, as he threatened to sue anyone who published them. 

Charlie Sheen Revealed That He is HIV Positive

After being diagnosed 4 years ago, Charlie Sheen made his HIV status public. He had been paying off numerous people in his life to keep quiet about it, and was tired of the costly 'shakedowns'. 

Ariana Grande Licked a Donut 🍩

Ariana Grande was caught on camera demonstrating some serious diva behaviour at a donut shop. She and her friends were rude and obnoxious to the store clerk and she licked a donut when she thought no one was watching. When video evidence of this 'crime' broke - she apologized. I can't forgive her for wasting donuts. 

Justin Timberlake Became Somebody's Father

In April, an era ended as Justin Timberlake became a father not to your child or mine - but to Silas Randall with his wife Jessica Biel. Every teeny bopper dream of the 2000's is officially dead. But hey, this new role is the best we've seen JT in yet!  (& Silas is the cutest baby EVER!)

The Supreme Court Ruled in Favour of Marriage Equality

THIS was a good day: On May 26th this year The Supreme Court ruled that the U.S Constitution requites states to licence and recognize same-sex marriages, making marriage equality officially the law of the land. Yeesssss!!!!

The #KylieJennerLipChallenge Happened

What we already knew deep down, has been confirmed: Kylie Jenner got lip fillers. But before she admitted this, the world believed they could achieve this 'non-surgical' look by sucking their lips into a shot glass and letting them swell inside before removing them. This resulted in some seriously scary effects - cuts, bruises and gashes! 

Jay Z Launched TIDAL

With all of his famous BFF's by his side, Jay Z launched his own music streaming service. Over the past few months, this company has seen what seems like more downs that ups...but it's kinda interesting to see a celeb work on a project from ground up. 

Jennifer Aniston Got Married and Didn't Invite Her 'FRIENDS'

Our favourite single girl #TeamAniston tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Justin Theroux. On the big day there were a couple of people noticeably missing - Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry. The two confirmed later that they were the only cast mates not invited. 

The Ashley Madison Hack Exposed Cheating Spouses

Someone anonymously hacked into the 'cheating website' and slowly began to reveal it's users. 39 Million users were pissed off (and sleeping on the couch) after being promised confidentiality. 


Now are you ready to move forward now? Me too!

Bring on 2016, baby!!! 🍸