Women With Many Tattoos Have Higher Self-Esteem

A new study suggests that women with multiple tattoos have higher self esteem! Sociologist Jerome Koch of Texas Tech University tentatively concludes that tattoos sometimes serve as a coping mechanism for getting past the most difficult periods in life for women.

That makes sense! Think about it - why do we get tattoos? To commemorate the life of a lost loved one, to get over a breakup, to mark a difficult time in life. Also, because they look really, really awesome. 

There was a darker side to this study, though: the women with four or more tattoos were also much more likely to have had a history of suicide attempts — though they don't become more depressed or suicidal as their tattoo count grows. The researcher therefore hypothesizes that these women are looking for ways to reclaim their traumatic experiences, and perhaps reclaim their own bodies too, from outside forces that shaped and harmed them. 

I have a teeny-tiny outline of a heart tattoo hidden away somewhere. I got mine to remind myself to always stay true to my heart - and I have always stayed 100% true!

Do your tattoos make you feel stronger? Did they get you through a difficult time? Or are they just really, really awesome?