The Surprisingly Sweet Way This Husband 'Cheated' on His Wife

In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, a man name Jason Helwelt of Salt Lake City says: "Kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I think I sort of cheated on my wife today."

Sort of cheated? 

Jason describes how he was "knocked out" by the beauty of a woman in front of him in the checkout line at Target. "I thought, 'Wow, some lucky guy is with her,'" he writes, adding that a second later, he realized the stranger he was ogling was his own wife: 

"I was taken aback by how amazingly beautiful she is once again," he wrote. "I believe I see it often, but today, not knowing she was at the store, I saw her with new eyes and just couldn’t believe I get to be her fella." 


He concluded his post by admitting that he never flagged his wife down, he "just watched her walk away, admiringly, knowing she’s my wife and I love everything about this woman." 

His wife, Tami Spenst Hewlett, was so moved by the gesture she took to Facebook to make a public declaration of her own: 

"He probably did not recognize me that day because I actually got ready, he usually sees me in a braid and in my "good sweats" and he loves me that way too and while some detractors have criticized his "wandering eye, I trust him 100 percent. I'm grateful that he sees the beauty in all people." 

This sounds like the only acceptable form of 'cheating'!