There Is an Eyeliner Made Especially for Drawing Cat-Eyes

Putting on winged liner, is not easy for anyone: 

So you're not alone! But now there is an awesome new eyeliner that might help you acheive this tricky look with ease - 'The Cat Eye 101'

All you do is make the tiny little mark with the edge of the liner...

and voilà! 

Cosmo magazine's beauty editor Elizabeth Denton (above) tried it and here is her official review: 

"Pros: Flawless line, cruelty-, paraban-, and gluten-free formula, smudge-proof. ConOkay, the only one is the price. At $48, it's one of the most expensive eyeliners I've ever used. But, the aluminum case is refillable, with refills costing $30, which easier to swallow."

The Cat Eye 101 liner is available HERE !