How to Tell if A Guy is (Really) Ready to Settle Down

I read this today on and it is THE TRUTH! So I had to share it with you: 

If you really want to know if a man is ready for a committed relationship, ask him how his career is going. 

Why? Well they go on to explain that there is a strong correlation between a man's readiness to settle down and where he is in his life career wise. Because our society has traditionally looked at men as the providers, many men feel inadequate if they haven't achieved a certain amount of success. The example they use is: 

"Once men enjoy a little career success—a promotion, some actual stability, or a big break—their world is bright and they become open to all kinds of possibilities, including settling down. That's when they get engaged to the girl they're dating."

This sounds pretty true to me! They also say: 

"...if he's not feeling satisfied with his level of success or his place in the world, he's not going to be ready to settle down with you…or with anyone for that matter."