This 10-Year-Old's Note To His 'Girlfriend' Is Major #RelationshipGoals

Sherri and Cole are ten years old and they have been 'dating' for about a year: 

Sherri's Mom says: 

He plays competitive baseball, and she plays competitve soccer, so they go to each other’s games and watch each other. It’s not too much more than that. We go out to dinner as families, but they don’t go on any solo dates or anything.

Seems like these kids have the basics down for major #relationshipgoals - support and friendship. Especially support. 

This past Sunday, Sherri tore her ACL while playing soccer and had to have surgery. Cole got her a teddy bear, a big cookie and wrote her this note: 

If I could just offer one tiny bit of advice - it would be to hang onto this sweetie!!!

Photos and quotes from Buzzfeed.comthanks!