This 86 Year Old Bride Slayed On Her Wedding Day

Here comes the bride! 

86 year old Millie Taylor-Morrison just got married in this purple number to her old friend Harold Morrison: 

The two met in the 1950's at church. He even went to her first wedding in 1952 to her first husband, who passed away in 1992.

They reconnected when they both ended up at the same new church later in life. Their relationship blossomed when Harold got sick and Millie insisted on picking him up and driving him to church so he wouldn't miss out. Eight years later, she asked him to move in so that he wouldn't have to go into a nursing home.

Now here they are, getting married! 

Millie's granddaughter Khadija says their whole family is happy for them: 

This is a true testament that age is just a number and everyone can find love again!

She and the rest of the granddaughters acted as bridesmaids: 

Congrats kids! 

Photos originally shared on Facebook VIA Love What Matters by Millie's family and friends, with quotes from her granddaughter Khadija, thanks!

Additional photos and notes courtesy of, thanks!