Toronto Woman Hires Someone To Manage Her Online Dating Profiles

Katerina Lyadova (who didn’t want to show her full face in this article to keep some mystery) posted an ad on Craigslist last month seeking a “dating profile manager.”

She was looking for someone to dedicate seven hours a week to managing her profiles on Tinder and OkCupid as well as set up dates. In return, they’d get $12 an hour. She says:

Everybody says the same thing, that it feels like a full-time job. That’s basically how the idea came to life, from joking that it’s so much work that somebody else might just do that

After a bunch of interviews she found someone who is currently seeking out 'passionate, creative, and well-travelled men who have something going on in their lives beyond a 9 to 5' fort her. These men also need to have a sense of humour -clearly!)  

If a guy thinks it’s not funny and not appropriate then we’re not going to get along

So far she has been on three dates and has planned a second date with one of those gentlemen! 

Would you hire someone to manage your dating profiles?!

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