The FRIENDS Reunion (Sort Of) Happened!

When word of a 'Friends' reunion started to circulate, we all went crazy! 

Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler all together again in the ultimate Throwback of 90's relationships, fashion and LOL's?! 

But we quickly found out it wasn't quite the reunion we had been hoping for. The cast would be getting together just to film a Tribute to James Burrow (the shows director) and not everybody would be making it. Matthew Perry AKA Chandler is in the middle of rehearsals for the play he's in. 

You know what though? Five out of six ain't so bad: 

The old Central Perk crew posed with the 'Big Bang Theory' cast at the taping for the show which will air February 21st. 

Will you watch?