Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Secrets for Staying 'Ageless'

How on earth does this woman stay so young looking?! 

46 year old Jennifer Lopez shared some of her age defying secrets with in a new interview. She says: 

I try to always to get as much sleep as I can so that I can start the day well rested and do my morning meditation and affirmations,

As for her workouts: 

It’s no secret that I love dancing, so it doesn’t even feel like exercise to me. I freestyle dance with Tracy Anderson five times a week. We’ll incorporate light weights (3 lbs) for the arms and moves that focus on the butt and thighs and engage the core.

That's not all...

I also do circuit training with David Kirsch when I’m in New York. We do hour-long circuits at least three times a week. Its full-body training — so planks, pushups, boxing — really everything. It’s all about changing it up and keeping your body guessing.

This one is major (and your Mother probably warned you of this 23748732 times): 

I never go to bed without taking my makeup off, [and I use] night creams to keep my skin hydrated. As for daytime, SPF is k-e-y.


I think drinking lots of water and fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables (I keep [them] with me at all time.) all play into the quality of skin’s appearance

Yet, I think we could do all of those things and still no one would compare to JLO!