Author Argues That Women Without Kids Should Get A 'ME-ternity' Leave

Meghann Foye just released a book called, 'Meternity'. It's about a woman who fakes a pregnancy to get time off work. She believes that women without children should get time off too, to reflect on their own lives: 

"While both men and women would benefit from a 'meternity' leave after a decade or so in the workforce, the concept is one that would be especially advantageous for women. Burnout syndrom is well-documented in both sexes, but recent research suggests that women may experience it at greater rates; researchers postulate that it's because women Moms and Non-Moms alike) feel overloaded by the roles they have to take on at work and home." 

Some people find it difficult to agree because then this might suggest that a maternity leave is a vacation...

What do you think?