Netflix Studied Your Binge Watching Habits

While you were Netflix and chillin' - the people at Netflix were studying your binge watching habits. From their findings they have created a new binge watching scale to show which shows we take longer to watch and the ones that we just have to watch overnight. Check this out: 


Shows on the leaning towards the left side of the scale are more 'thought provoking' and it's been proven that watch them a lot slower. These include:  

  • Irreverent Comedies: Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman, Club de Cuervos, F is for Family, Love, Summer Heights High, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Wet Hot American Summer
  • Political Dramas: Homeland, House of Cards, Occupied, The Good Wife, The West Wing
  • Historical Dramas: Mad Men, Narcos, Peaky Blinders, The Americans

Somewhere in between you have: 

  • Superhero Dramas: Gotham, Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, The Flash
  • Crime Dramas: Better Call Saul, Bloodline, Fargo, The Blacklist, The Bridge, Twin Peaks
  • Dramatic Comedies: Flaked, Grace & Frankie, Nurse Jackie, Orange is the New Black, Parenthood, Rescue Me, Weeds
  • Action and Adventure: 24, Arrow, La Reina del Sur, Marco Polo, Outlander, Prison Break, The Last Kingdom, Turn, Vikings

And the shows on the right hand side of the scale, typically get a quick reaction out of viewers. That's probably why we watch them a lot faster. They include: 

  • Sci-Fi: Ascension, Between, Heroes, Orphan Black, Sense8, The 100, The 4400, Under the Dome
  • Horror: American Horror Story, Hemlock Grove, Penny Dreadful, Scream, The Walking Dead, Z Nation
  • Thrillers: Bates Motel, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, The Fall, The Following, The Killing

Does that sound about right?!?! 


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