Dating Apps Can Lower Your Self Esteem



A recent study found that Tinder users are more likely to have lower levels of self-esteem than those who don't. Licensed psychologist Janna Koretz says: 

Online dating is based on looks because it’s hard to portray personality through a profile...This also makes people self-conscious since they’re being judged on looks more than they may have been if they had met their potential mate in person. But dating is pretty difficult and often makes people feel badly about themselves no matter where they meet.

In the study researchers surveyed 1,300 college students and asked them to rate how they felt about themselves through questions like, “How likely are you to make physical comparisons to others?” The answers to these questions measured body image and self-esteem. Then, everyone was asked if they used Tinder. The study found that people who used the app were more likely to think of themselves as sex objects in comparison to people who didn’t use the app.

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