Did JLO Photoshop Her Abs?

Today is a day like any other day because JLO has rockin' abs. 

It's a littttttle bit different though because she was feelin' herself just like we are feelin' her and posted this pic: 

Ayyyyy... 😂

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Haters were quick to comment and say it's photoshop though noting the smudge on the mirror as a slip up on the photo edit. Thankfully, JLO was quick to respond and clear things up about the not-so-clear mirror and said: “Omg…just a smudge on the mirror… lol… not photoshop. #lordblessthehaters #gymrat #youshouldtryit #wishtherewasphotoshopforhaters.”

I KNEW our girl was still real! But the truth is, I never doubted her!