Selena Gomez Shares Details About Her Experience in Treatment

Last October, Selena Gomez cancelled her tour and sought our treatment for her emotional health and exhaustion. In the September issue of InStyle magazine she says: “I went away for 90 days, and it was the best thing that I ever could’ve done…I had no phone, nothing, and I was scared. But it was amazing, and I learned a lot.”

Selena says that being completely cut off from everything, especially her life as a celebrity was crucial to her personal healing process: “I was in the countryside and never did my hair; I took part in equine therapy, which is so beautiful…And it was hard, obviously. But I knew what my heart was saying, and I thought, ‘OK, I think this has helped me become stronger for other people.‘”

Today, Selena says she is a lot happier but there are still hard days: “I go to therapy. I believe in that and talking about where you are…But I’m in a really, really healthy place.


You go girl!

You can read more about Selena’s treatment, her relationship with The Weeknd, her time as a Disney star and more in the pages of this issue.


Photo from InStyle Magazine with notes from, thanks!