The Weeknd Planned His Tour Around Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant


Selena Gomez just shocked us all and revealed that she has a kidney transplant as part of her Lupus treatment. Now we are learning more details surrounding the surgery…

It’s reported that her boyfriend, The Weeknd made sure that his tour didn’t interfere with her surgery. He apparently scheduled his performances around her procedure, and a source says: “It was a super serious operation and all her friends were worried.

The Weeknd started the first part of his Starboy: Legend of the Fall tour in February and ended in July 22. He then was on a break until September 6th, with the exception of one show on August 6th.

Selena never said when she had her kidney transplant, but she did mention that it was the reason why she was under-the-radar for “part of the summer.”

This isn’t something completely out of the ordinary for someone to do in a relationship, but it’s still sweet to see how committed he is to her – even with a busy superstar schedule.