How Your Favourite Celebs Are Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

Miley Cyrus was on Ellen this week to talk about how her foundation, Happy Hippe is helping out the victims of Hurricane Harvey:

Miley is one of many celebrities who has donated. Here is the reported amount given back by each of your favourites:

Beyonce, (rumoured) $7 million
Leonardo DiCaprio, $1 million
Sandra Bullock, $1 million
Tyler Perry, $1 million
Kevin Hart, $500,000
Demi Lovato, $500,000
The Kardashian/Jenners (combined), $500,000
Jennifer Lopez, $25,000
Alex Rodrigues, $25,000
DJ Khaled, $25,000
The Rock, $25,000
Nicki Minaj, $25,000
Ruby Rose, $10,000
Drake, an undisclosed amount
Selena Gomez, an undisclosed amount

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Video from Ellen TV, thanks!