Meghan Trainor Opens Up About Depression & Anxiety

Meghan Trainor says that in her early 20’s she had to get surgery on her vocal cords not once, but twice. With that she had to put her career on hold and it brought on severe anxiety and depression: “I fell into a crazy, deep hole of depression and anxiety and had never experienced that before, so I was rattled.” One night, she ended up in the emergency room because she was having trouble breathing. She thought she was having some type of allergic reaction but it turned out to be more than that. Doctors told her that she was having a panic attack and that her brain was tricking her, telling her that her throat was closing.

In addition to that she had another scary moment where she believes her stress caused her to have a hallucination: “I remember standing in CVS with my friend in line and I saw the whole back row behind her move, when she didn’t…“Another time, she says: “I was sitting in my bathroom and the lights turned yellow.”

Meghan felt terrified, alone and embarrassed to talk about it. Today, she credits therapy, consistent exercise and self-care with helping her get a handle on things. “I took time off, I took time for me,” she said. “I’m still in therapy, I see my therapist like once a week.”

Good for you Meghan! We’re all cheering for you!