5 Things I Would Tell Pre-Mom Me (& You!)

 Left: Me today! Right: Pre-Mom Me

Left: Me today! Right: Pre-Mom Me

Looking back at old photo's sometimes I just gotta laugh!

The person that I see in pictures from six years ago is so far away from the one I am now.  At times I catch myself day dreaming about what I would say to that newlywed twenty-four year old if I could go back in time and let her know what was coming her way. I'd start with: “Hold on to your $1000 extensions, things are about to get real!”

Before I became a Mom, I went shopping multiple times a week. I had a closet full of the latest clothes, shoes and purses. Make up? Yes of course! I could never get enough.

Whatever I wanted, I bought. I lived by the thought that I came first. I was admittedly an extremely selfish person. This is the part where the me today, starts laughing!

Here's why: 

Dear Pre-Mom Me, 

There will come a day when material things won't mean anything to you

I can just hear the gasps from old me and the people who knew me back then! These days I have probably one pair of jeans that fit me and maybe a handful of shirts. That doesn't bother me at all because I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and the unconditional love of 2 little people that stain my clothes anyway, so whats the point of buying new ones? I'm kidding (kind of!)

You can do this, you'll do a good job (and yes people will notice!)

It's hard being a Mom most days. It can feel thankless and sometimes you'll want to cry because you feel like a failure. I promise you though, it will all be worth it with every hug, kiss and sweet arm-less, cross-eyed, bulbous headed portrait that your son draws of you! (Some days you'll even believe you're actually starting to look like that...) And your usually non-emotional, non-sentimental Father will tell you he's proud of you and that you're a very good Mom (Ok, sorry! Get up off the floor.... are you conscious again?! Seriously he tells you that!!)

You'll really like the person you become

Being a Mom has made me come into my own. Parenting and managing a household for myself and the people I love has changed me for the better from the inside out. Today, I know who I am and like the person I've become. It even reflects in the way I carry myself! Also, I finally grew out my hair because I have no time to get it cut. So, I don't even need those $1000 extensions anymore!

You we're right about some things

Little kid's hands are always sticky. Seriously, why??

When you worried that your kids would be just like you, you were right. The good stuff, the attitude and all....

You'll carry on all of your family traditions and make new ones

And you'll do everything to make sure they have a great childhood (Wanna see a photo from a kiddie birthday party I've thrown? Please, hold your applause)

Bottom Line

Becoming a mom will save your life. You're going to go through a hard road to get here, but for once you won't get something just handed to you. THAT is an unbelievably sweet feeling. You'll be blessed beyond measure. You wont take yourself so seriously. You will know what you want in life and finally have the courage to put yourself out there and go for it. All because you have an amazing husband and two (extremely adorable) cheerleaders believing that you can do anything. 

As a Mom yourself, I'm sure you'll agree. And if you're still the 'Pre-Mom' You, with all of the above considered - the best is yet to come! ☺️

Oh, and lastly I would tell Pre-Mom me to stop over plucking her eyebrows and go take a nap. She'll thank me later.

 My beautiful family!

My beautiful family!

Francesca is a blogger, baker, crafter, storyteller & homemaker. You can watch her as a panelist on Rogers TV #daytimeDISH and connect with her through her website 'The Hungry Homemaker' HERE!