Three Healthy Habits To Start This Spring

Spring is a season of rebirth! The sun comes out to play and along with its warmth, it brings life to the trees, grass and wildlife around us. 

With new beginnings everywhere it’s only natural for us to want to make some changes ourselves. Promises like “spend more time outside” and “eat more salads” make their way into our minds without even realizing it. We crave rebirth too and right now there is no better place to focus on than our health and wellness. 

Let's start with these three healthy habits:  

1. Spend More Time Outdoors

Enjoying the beauty of nature has amazing health benefits. Activity in nature helps ease depression, stress and anxiety. It can breed positivity and is restorative for our body and soul. We are energized by nature and it can have profound impacts on our mental health.* 

There are so many outdoor activities that you can make into a habit: walking, biking, running, rollerblading, hiking, joining a team sport like soccer or softball, yoga outdoors, and more. Pick one - one that you’d like to get good at, or one that inspires you. Then just do it! Start with once or twice a week, and try to create a habit of it that will last you throughout the spring, into summer and then well into autumn. My favourite way to spend time outdoors is to go for a weekly run or a brisk evening walk. 

2. Step Up Your Smoothie Game

Smoothies have been “all the rage” over the last few years and there’s a very good reason for that! Smoothies are blended drinks that allow you to consume high amounts of vitamins and nutrients in one sitting. They’re a great way to get carbs, fat and protein into your diet with one single drink. Plus, if you make them right, they taste dang good! 

If you are looking for a smoothie to replace one of your meals, like breakfast, then you’ll need to make sure it contains a good amount of fats and protein to keep you full until lunch. Typically, my breakfast smoothies include a banana, a handful of blueberries, a handful of romaine lettuce leaves, nut milk, chia seeds, hemp hearts and a good quality vegan protein powder. While the fruits provide some natural sugars, my body gets a nutrient boost from the greens (lettuce), as well as healthy fats (nut milk, chia seeds) and protein (hemp hearts and protein powder).

You can even think about making fruit-based dessert smoothies from time to time. You can’t mess up a classic combination like banana, strawberry and almond milk! 

3. Set Your Alarm to 15-Minutes Earlier

If you can give yourself an extra 15 minutes of “personal time” in the morning, you will feel the difference. I’ve started waking up a few minutes earlier just so that I can enjoy breakfast at home and it’s incredible how much more energized I feel.

You can do so many things during this 15-minute “me time”. Try some morning yoga, enjoy warm water with lemon (great to kick-start your digestion!), meditate, watch the sunrise, etc. During this season of rebirth, you will find it easier to wake up a little earlier, and once this becomes a habit, it’ll be one that you cherish for the rest of the year. It’s a hard one to break once you’re used to it. Trust me.

These three healthy habits for spring are ones that I fully embrace and enjoy as the winter starts to melt away. Will you join me in embracing them too? What healthy habits do you plan to implement this spring season? 

Kelly Agnew is a Wellness Warrior and Nutritionist-to-Be from Ottawa. Visit her blog and connect with her HERE





* SOURCE: Social Science and Medicine