Jump On Juicing with Crave Connection!



Have you heard about the latest, beautifully vibrant, essential fashion accessory?


I know it seems as though people are juicing just about anything and everything these days – and even though juices might not be on the runway (yet!) – it’s definitely for good reason that cold pressed juices are turning up everywhere!

My original background is in broadcasting and film, it wasn’t until shortly after I graduated that I faced the biggest, most sudden loss of my best friend and love of my life that completely changed everything and I began my new journey into the world of yoga and holistic nutrition.

Before first being introduced to yoga, I suffered with extreme depression and anxiety and was fueling my body on pure junk food, toxins, and little to no sleep. Once I began a more regular practice, I noticed that little by little my anxiety and depression started to slowly melt away on my mat, and that my body began to crave healthier foods. I soon learned that the “you are what you eat’” saying we all grew up with, really holds true and that the mind-body connection is now something I live by. In July 2014 I completed my yoga teacher training and this past October I graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. It is my absolute passion to combine the worlds of yoga and holistic nutrition, bringing awareness about that mind-body connection that ultimately not only changed, but saved my life. I want people to know that it is always possible to become their optimal selves – helping their body as well as mind set through the power of holistic wellness – and of course, JUICING!

As someone who grew up and probably would have asked for chicken fingers and fries at a 12 star restaurant – I assure you, I did not come out of the womb holding a green juice or smoothie promoting fruit and veggie goodness. My love of juicing first started last year when I was out for lunch but I had been feeling really run down, I decided to try a couple cold pressed juices and within a few hours I started to notice I felt better! – or maybe it was the magic of Magic Mike XXL that we saw in theatres that evening, but for the sake of this blog (and my entire business) I’m chalking it up to the juice.

Now here are the top 5 reasons why you NEED to jump on the juice train with me: 

1. FCP Juice Helps to Absorb Essential Nutrients

  • So many of us have compromised digestion due to poor food choices made over the years, which makes it hard for our bodies to fully absorb the nutrients from fruits and vegetables that we do eat. Juicing is a fast, and efficient way to get all of the needed nutrients delivered straight to your cells, while giving your digestive system a much needed rest. 

2. Drinking FCP Juice Strengthens Your Immune System

  • Juicing gives your body a powerful boost to your immune system! The accessible nutrients absorbed through juicing gives your body a major nutrient dose meaning your immune system is instantly strengthened. With juicing, you’ll notice that you gain more energy, and will fight off those colds faster. 

3. You Can Mix and Match

  • When you cook, eat vegetables, or have a salad, you probably tend to eat the same thing every time (borrrringggg!) – juicing allows you to get creative! You can constantly switch up which fruits and veggies you want, giving your body the real taste of the rainbow (sorry Skittles) and explore a variety of flavor combinations as well as nutrient combinations that work synergistically together to create a healthy balance within the body. 

4. FCP Juice Alkalinizes the Body

  • Juicing increases alkalinity within the body – this means, less room to host for disease, because diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline state. 

5. It's Liquid Oxygen

  • Fresh green juice is extremely detoxifying and contains chlorophyll, which is a powerful blood builder that increases red blood cells, improves circulation, eases inflammation, oxygenates the body and counteracts harmful toxins. By drinking juices high in chlorophyll, your body is practically dining on liquid oxygen – the very substance we need to not only stay alive, but thrive.  

There you have it! My top 5 reasons why everybody should start their juicing journey! And lets be real, who doesn’t want to dine on nature’s rainbow and liquid oxygen?!

Shayla Vaughan is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Teacher as well as the Owner & Creator of Crave Connection. For more info or to find out where in the GTA you can pick up a FCP juice visit, craveconnection.ca. Or check out her Instagram page, HERE