A Change Would Do You (& Me) Good !

I've spent most of my life living in the same city, in the same house, surrounded by familiarity. Three weeks ago I moved hours away from everything I know: my job, my house, my family, my friends and my boyfriend. 

Was I scared? Yes! But I think I was more scared of what or who I would become if I remained 'comfortable' and didn't embrace the changes ahead of me. Why? Well this is what I know:

Change is inevitable. 

It's happening all around you whether you like it or not. It's your choice to close your eyes to it or to jump in with both feet. My suggestion is to be part of the world moving around you. You never know what adventures or surprises you'll end up on otherwise. 

Change creates growth. 

By putting yourself in a new situation you are forced to learn. You'll learn new things about yourself, people you know, new people and the universe. That knowledge is power and you need that magic to help you come into the person you really are.  

Most people hate change. 

I might be talking about you or the people in your life. Either way, we are scared of change because we don't really know what will come from it. I get it - the unknown is scary! But the truth is that even in comfortable situations that we *think* we can control - we can't. Shake off that illusion and learn that the only thing we are in control of is being true to ourselves. 

Learn to love it & see where it takes you. 

In just three short weeks change has shown me that I am even stronger, capable and adventurous than I ever thought I could be on my own. And I thought I was a pretty fiery woman before! It's also made me aware that there are a few other areas of my life that I am not ready to embrace change in yet. However, I now know that I am filled with the power to take them on when I am ready. 

Each little step, leads to your destiny...so go for it! 

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