Madonna's 'Petty' Leaked Letter Is the Most Relatable Thing Right Now

I can't stop thinking about this leaked letter that Madonna wrote to her boyfriend back in the 90s: 

I read it before bed last night, it was the first thing I thought about this morning and I can't stop thinking about it right now. THIS is how Madonna felt back then?!

To the world she was already a powerful force in so many ways in music and in film. Everyone was listening to her music and interested in her point of view. By this time she was already an icon, and yet she felt defeated? 

I could of written this letter, you could have written this letter. Anyone could have but the fact that the Madonna wrote it – has to give you some sense of relief about where you’re at in life. At least it does for me. 

I have a standard that I set myself to. I have goals and dreams that I work toward everyday. I see results and maybe not always as quickly as I want to, but I do. I have moments of wishing I was doing more, doing what ‘Whitney’ is doing or ‘Sharon’. And I have definitely had moments of wondering if I can have it all (a radio career AND a family?) This is all during times that I have been quite successful in checking items off my ‘To-Achieve’ List. I think you could see this as a weakness in me but it all depends on your perspective.

I’m reading this letter seeing someone who is frustrated and in turn jealous and scared. I can relate to this and so can you, it’s 'human nature' 😉 But how do we push past these feelings? My belief is you have to walk through these feelings. From pain we gain experience. Through experience we gain strength and compassion for others and ourselves.

I think Sharon Stone would agree:

I believe that these emotions are all part of the journey. Each part of life will ask us for a different version of ourselves. Rather than let it pull us back, let it push us forward. We shouldn't be ashamed of fear and insecurity. And although Madonna didn’t share these letters and they leaked – I’m sure she is not ashamed. I bet she would look back and say it’s all helped to create the woman that she is today. And BITCH she’s Madonna! 

PS. This is a note to both you and me - Two of her five kids are in this video. So yes, you CAN have it all! 

PS. This is a note to both you and me - Two of her five kids are in this video. So yes, you CAN have it all!